Janet Schier goes through the biblical and spiritual principals for financial freedom in a clear concise way, that I found easy to read and understand. She shows that if we are in debt, or we just struggle with juggling bills day to day, there are spiritual and biblical principles she has proved worked for her, that we can apply in our own lives, whatever our situation to free us up financially. By learning the teachings in this book then we too will be able to say “I am blessed to be a blessing”. I recommend this book and give five stars because it is short, clear, crisp, concise, readable and easy to understand biblical teaching.

F. Thearle

May 2014

The author of this book appears to have done her research well. One couldn’t write this book without experimentally applying the principles she has outlined therein. There are plenty of books on this subject but to make money and get out of debt with “JOY” there are very few. We need to enjoy the journey. A great book with substance. Congratulations to the Author.

V. Stolar

May 2014

Finally, someone who has the courage to put in writing the revelations they have received to counteract the disparity between being a godly person & a wealthy one. Ps Janet Schier does not hide the truth of the scriptures behind well structured & intricately worded phrases but instead chooses to tell them as they are, dispelling and deceit that has plagued many entrepreneurial Christians for years. There are many gems that can be gleaned from these revelations no matter what stage of ‘wealth creation’ you feel you are at!!

Well done Ps Janet on making a dream into a reality & for creating a platform for so many to ‘springboard’ off!!

D. Hobson

June 2014

There has been many books and sermons about money over the years, but not many books telling you the truth. I found this book written by the author to teach the principals on wealth to be refreshing and knowledge that God’s way to wealth creation is the only true way to bless his kingdom. This is not another hocus-pocus book if you do this you will be rich as some want you to believe, but rather a book that has really changed my thinking on wealth.

D. Windsor

June 2014

Fantastic book. This is very inspiring and should be read by anyone desiring to forge ahead in life.

V. Lee

June 2014

Janet has done all the hard work of gathering scriptures in this wonderful page turning book. Oh, I had better explain: it’s not page turning in the same way you would turn the pages of a fast paced novel, its page turning in the case of being eye opening as to what potential is within the pages. Don’t let this be another book on your shelf! Get stuck into the meat that is before you! I like to think that we are all wanting to increase out wealth for the right reasons: to be blessed to be a blessing. Remember you can’t fill a full vessel, so you simply have to pour it out in order for it to be refilled. Get ready to start pouring out your wealth into the lives of other and watch how it finds its way back to you! Enjoy. Thank you, Janet!

G. Clareburt

June 2014

To Hell with Debt!

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