“If its on your mind its in your future”
Hello, this is Janet with my first blog post. I encourage you today, to think about prioritising some thinking time for you to be able to think about your financial future. I know that where I started back in 2001, I had to start thinking about how I could get ahead financially because I wasn’t happy about where I was at. I allowed the frustration to bring revelation as to how I could move forward, and started thinking about, “Okay, well what’s in my hand?” Started thinking about the equity that I had in my own home. I want to encourage you to think about your financial future and how you’re going to fund it and what equity have you actually got and what could you do with it. Prioritise some thinking time so that you can plan what you’re going to do. 
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No thought lives in your mind rent-free. It is either an investment or a cost.


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