Today I’d like to talk to you about expectation. Expectation is the womb of all manifestation. If you’re expecting something to happen, then you’re looking for it. You’re expecting, you’re looking, for an opportunity and it’s too late. It’s kind of like it’s already got inside of you and you just know that it’s going to happen.

For every property that I have pursued to help create Fund Our Future, that’s where it’s began. It’s began from an expectation that I think I can move forward again and purchase another property. I wanted to encourage you, awaken your expectation.

Our expectors can go to sleep; they can be drugged to sleep by pain and disappointment. Do you have equity in your home that you could be using to fund your future? Do you want more financial freedom? Financial freedom is so precious. What would you do if you could have choices instead of obligations with your finance?

I want to encourage you. If it’s not in your thinking, it’s not in your future. Let’s say that you had $100,000 equity in your property that you could use as security and a deposit for another property. Let’s say that you could use that as a 20% deposit, so you could borrow the whole amount. You could borrow the $500,000 to purchase a half line package, too, let’s say for $500,000. Historically, they go up by 10% a year, so that’s $50,000. Providing you can put a tenant in, which you can, it’s going to pay off the mortgage.

You’re also; on top of that, you’re going to get the cash flow from the property going up in value. If the property’s going to go up $50,000 a year, that’s $1,000 a week you’re losing by not putting your property to work. I want to encourage you. Dare to dream and dream out loud. Awaken your expector. It is possible. All things are possible when you believe.

No thought lives in your mind rent-free. It is either an investment or a cost.


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