“What is your expector?”, you may be asking. Well, your expector is your dream machine. It’s what you’re actually expecting to happen. There’s a few questions I’d like to ask you. Do you have equity that you’re not using right now that could be helping fund your future? Do you want more financial freedom in your future so that you can make decisions on what you want to do with your finance and not just be obliged to pay bills? I guess financial freedom is so powerful. It gives you choices in life. Most of us are looking for more choices, freedom of what to do with your time, because finance isn’t an issue. Well, that’s my passion. We’ve achieved it in our life. We have choices. I want to encourage you to awaken your expector.

My quote for today it, “You will never pursue what you don’t believe you qualify for.” Your expector may have gone to sleep through disappointment, through frustration, through not being even able to see a way forward financially. I encourage you to dare to dream. I encourage you to dare to get your expector out and start expecting. Awake that expector that’s in you. We’re built for greatness. We’re built for success. We’re built to break through and have prosperity in every area of our life. I’m passionate about seeing you helped, and equipped, and funding your future. What are your future financial plans? Remember today you will never pursue what you don’t believe you qualify for.

No thought lives in your mind rent-free. It is either an investment or a cost.