Janet Grace Schier

Janet Grace Schier and her husband are currently Senior Pastors of CityNet INC Church in Beenleigh Australia. They have been there for over 25 years, and are still going strong. Janet has been married to Greg for 43 years and has three children and fourteen grandchildren, who are all faithfully serving the Lord in the local church.

Pastor Janet is a passionate speaker, teacher, mother, grandmother, writer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, company director and lover of life.

Enthusiastic to see people break through financially, she communicates with wisdom and faithful instruction and is a sought after speaker both nationally and internationally.

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“The Fund Your Future Strategist”
Best Selling Author – To Hell With Debt Lets Make Money
Creator of The “EAGLE PROGRAM” 5 Keys to Turn Your Equity to Earnings
Property Portfolio Professional
Company Director
Business Owner
International Speaker (Business, Property, Wealth Creation, Philanthropy)
Business Developer and Coach

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