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Welcome to Janet Grace Schier- The Fund Your Future Strategist

Are you sick and tired of trying to make ends meet? Would you like to have choices with finance instead of obligations? Do you have dreams that are unreachable due to lack of finance. Imagine more money for your family friend’s hobbies desires and the ability to fund the things in your community that your passionate about.

I am passionate about inspiring educating and encouraging you to fund your future so you can be blessed to be a blessing.

My story is a “Rags to Riches” one. Let me share through my books online events and up and coming programs how I turned my equity into a multi-million dollar property portfolio. I have made millions and lost some which was very painful. I have successfully helped thousands of people just like you to birth and begin setting up their financial future.

Read my blogs and learn about the businesses I have set up successfully and the up and coming projects I’m currently developing. Needless to say I now have a tried and tested method to help you achieve your financial freedom. I would love to share my experience with you.

Love blessing and Increase


“Years ago Janet attended one of my seminars. What she heard that day about the Bible and “God’s Plan for Increase” changed the course of her life. She has gone on to become an internationally renowned teacher and Amazon Best-selling author. Just as the principles that Janet heard changed her life they can also change yours. The story of her personal journey in search of sustainable success is amazing. The insights that she reveals are life changing. Great work Janet on being a worthy advocate for increase”.

Keep me posted on your progress.

Proud Mentor

Bob Harrison

No thought lives in your mind rent-free. It is either an investment or a cost.


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